Adult Circumcision Techniques and Styles

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At The Birmingham Circumcision Clinic, we pride ourselves on the fact that our surgeons are highly skilled and trained and capable of carrying out circumcisions in all age groups. Our youngest patient to date has been 5 days old and our oldest, 56 years.

Adults decide to get circumcised for numerous reasons. At our centre we have carried out adult circumcisions for cosmetic, personal hygiene, religious/cultural as well as medical reasons. The common medical conditions that have led to some of our adult patients seeking a circumcision are phimosis and BXO (Balanitis Xerotica Obliterans). We have also “re-done” previous circumcisions carried out at other clinics. Whatever the reason for circumcision, our doctors make every effort to ensure that the cosmetic outcome is satisfactory to the patient.

The most preferred method of adult circumcision at The Birmingham Circumcision Clinic is the “sleeve resection” method. According to the World Health Organisation manual on Adult Male Circumcision, the sleeve resection method requires good surgical skill and cosmetic results are better than the forceps guided and dorsal slit method. At our circumcision centre the surgeons have the skill to carry out all three methods and will at times, when necessary, combine or modify the methods. This is because every patient is different and the experienced and skilled surgeon will be able to choose and adjust the circumcision method that is suitable for a specific patient.

The style of circumcision is also important to adults who seek to have the procedure carried out for cosmetic reasons. The commonly known styles of circumcision are: Medium, Low & Loose, Low & Tight, High & Loose and High & Tight. These differing styles of circumcision are dependent on how much outer and inner skin is removed and where the scar line is placed. Some men also prefer for the frenulum to be removed (frenulectomy).

The angle of the scar line is also important to those adults who seek a cosmetic circumcision. Again, the sleeve resection method allows for the “V” scar to be placed on the ventral aspect of the penis. This style of scar follows the natural outline of the sulcus of the penis and cannot be achieved with the forceps guided method of circumcision.

During the pre-operative consultation the doctor will discuss all of these issues with the patient and decide on the best procedure and style of circumcision.

For more information on Adult Circumcision procedures and what to expect following treatment, please visit our website.