A Rise in Circumcisions during August

September 4, 2014
Approximately a third of males are circumcised throughout the world by adulthood, most individuals having been circumcised soon after birth, or prior to going through puberty. In the United Kingdom, a study that took place in 2000 found that 16% of males between 16 and 44 years old were circumcised, whilst 20% of men aged been 40 and 44 years old and 12% in the 16 to 19 year age group. August was an incredibly busy month for us at Birmingham Circumcision Clinic as we saw a three-fold increase in circumcisions in babies, older boys and adults. As well as local patients, we saw adults travelling from York and Nottingham, and babies travelling from as far away as Ireland to undertake the procedure and benefit from our high quality care and 24-hour aftercare services. We provide extensive written aftercare information so that all parents and patients understand what to do and what to expect after circumcision. We also provide 24 hour access to the doctor should parents or patients have any concerns or queries relating to the circumcision. Throughout the month of August, our patients were circumcised for a number of different reasons. Including: Religious Cultural Personal hygienic Cosmetic For more information on circumcision procedures for babies, young children, older children and adults, you can visit modalitycircumcisionservices.com.