Adult Circumcision: How Long Will It Take for Me to Recover?

January 28, 2020
With the recommended aftercare, you should experience minimal discomfort after circumcision and reduce your risk of infection. For the first few days after adult circumcision, more care will be required, which raises a lot of questions for patients. In this blog we answer some of the most common questions regarding recovery after the circumcision procedure. Will I have to stay in hospital for adult circumcision? Because adult circumcision is an outpatient procedure, you will not need to stay overnight. Procedures are completed at a specialist circumcision clinic and you will be allowed to leave on the same day. When can I return to work? Many patients of adult circumcision return to work the day after their procedure. Unless it is absolutely necessary, time off work is not needed. However, if you feel more comfortable being off work during the first few days post-procedure, discuss it with your employer. They may allow you to take annual leave or work from home if you are experiencing discomfort. Is recovery painful? While adult circumcision is often a relatively painless procedure, pain is subjective and it all comes down to each individual. For 3-4 days following your circumcision, the head of your penis may swell and cause some discomfort. However, your circumcision specialist can advise you on pain management and medication. You may also find that your exposed glans begins to chafe against your clothing, and the tightened skin and scarring may also cause uncomfortable erections. These symptoms should disappear over a short period of time. Do I have to revisit the clinic to have my stitches removed? Our circumcision specialists will use dissolvable stitches, meaning you will not have to come back to have them removed. Most often, it takes 2 to 6 weeks for your stitches to dissolve entirely. However, some patients have had stitches dissolve within 10 days. If you prefer, non-absorbable sutures are available. Our specialists will use 4.0 Ethilon which can be removed by us or your GP. When should I seek medical help? Patients of adult circumcision should be cautious of the following: Significant bleeding Severe swelling Difficulty urinating Fevers of 38.5°C or above Discomfort while passing urine Increased redness Persistent pain Throbbing penis The above symptoms could be a potential sign of infection, therefore if you experience any, please seek medical help straight away. Get in Touch If you have any concerns regarding adult circumcision, our team at the Modality Circumcision Service are here to help. Please complete our enquiry form or call 0121 250 0386 for more information.