Baby Aftercare for Plastibell Circumcision

August 5, 2020
After a baby’s circumcision surgery, a plastic ring, known as a plastibell, will remain on their penis. The plastibell will fall off by itself within 3 to 14 days and there will be no stitches to worry about after this procedure. If a plastibell does not fall off by itself, you will need to return to the circumcision clinic. What is a Plastibell? The Plastibell Technique for circumcision is the most common method for circumcision for babies. It involves the plastibell being positioned under the foreskin and over the end of the penis. A piece of suture is tied directly around the foreskin, cutting off the blood supply to the foreskin. The excess foreskin may be cut off with a scalpel, while the plastic ring is left on until it falls off by itself. What to do after Plastibell Circumcision While you wait for your son’s plastibell to fall off, there are a few things you need to make sure you do as part of aftercare: While holding your son, try not to hold him flat or against your body, to avoid friction. Be sure not to pull on the plastibell either as this can lead to soreness and bleeding. If he is able to walk, walking normally should be fine. During the first day of aftercare, your son’s penis will be covered with a gauze dressing. This should be replaced with every nappy change. After the first day, begin to apply vaseline to the nappy with every change. If your child is old enough to wear underwear, still apply vaseline. As well as preventing friction, this can soothe their penis. If you feel unsure on how to do this, please ask the specialist at our clinic to guide you. To stay clean, bathe your son 1 to 2 times a day using baby shampoo or by adding salt to their bathing water. Immerse their healing penis into the water to keep it clean. It is completely normal for your son to experience swelling, redness or an unpleasant odour from the dead skin.This should go down within a few days. When to Call a Doctor While at home, if you begin to notice any of the following in your son, please contact your doctor as soon as possible: High temperature of over 101 degree fahrenheit Severe pain not belong relieved with pain medicine Head of their penis appearing blue or black Plastibell slips down past the head of the penis Fewer wet nappies than usual Redness spreading from end of penis to abdomen More than a few drops of blood on penis or nappy Booking Your Child’s Circumcision At Modality Circumcision Service, we are a major award winning health care provider in the UK. For more information on Plastibell Circumcision or to arrange an appointment, please get in touch today.