Caring For Your Baby Following Their Circumcision

June 3, 2016
Whether you have decided to have your son circumcised for hygiene, medical, cultural or social reasons, it’s perfectly normal to be a little nervous about the circumcision procedure and caring for your baby’s penis afterwards until it heals. However, whilst the penis may appear fragile, infant circumcision is a simple operation and is much less traumatic than some parents might imagine. In most cases, circumcision in babies is usually carried out within 10 days after birth. At Birmingham Circumcision Clinic, our youngest patient to date has been 4 days old. Providing that your baby weighs more than 2.5kg, circumcision is safe, unless there is a contraindication to say otherwise. Once the operation is complete, your son’s circumcised penis will normally heal in around 7 to 10 days. In the mean-time, you should be sure to follow these instructions: Keep the penis clean This is the most important element of circumcision care for newborn babies. Whenever you change your child’s nappy, be sure to gently wipe away any faeces or urine, using warm water and unscented soap rather than a baby wipe. Until your child’s penis is healed, stick to sponge baths rather than getting the area wet in a bath. To avoid irritating the wound, leave the area to dry naturally. Keep the penis protected After the circumcision surgery, a light gauze with petroleum jelly is placed on your son’s penis, however, this will normally fall off the next time that they urinate. In some cases, it may be necessary to replace this with a clean dressing to help keep the penis clean until it heals. Make sure your child is healing properly It is perfectly normal for the tip of a circumcised baby’s penis to appear red and a small amount of yellowish secretion is also expected – this means that the body is healing the area. Even a small amount of blood shouldn’t ring alarm bells. However, there are a number of symptoms that you should look out for: Continued bleeding Redness that persists for more than 5 days after the operation Yellow discharge that lasts for more than a week after the operation Swelling Fluid-filled sores Trouble urinating normally Signs of fever Once your baby’s circumcision is healed, it’s important to continue to keep the penis clean by wiping away any stool or urine and bathing your child regularly, gently wiping the groove under the head of the penis. At Birmingham Circumcision Clinic, your surgeon will always discuss aftercare in detail and provide you with an extensive written guide so that you will know what to expect once you get home. To book an appointment, you can call our administrative team on 0121 250 0386, or if you prefer, leave a voice message or send us an email to request a call back at a time that best suits you.