FAQs on Adult Circumcision

January 10, 2018
Although circumcision in adults is common practice in the UK, very little is known about the procedure by many men that are considering the procedure. Here we offer the answers to some of the questions asked most frequently by our patients. What are the most common reasons for adult circumcision? Circumcision in adult males usually occurs when the foreskin becomes too tight and cannot be retracted. This condition is known as phimosis, and although alternative treatments such as topical steroids can be used, circumcision remains the most recognised long-term solution. Are there any benefits to adult circumcision? Removal of the foreskin makes it easier to keep the head of the penis clean and free of bacterial build-up, so circumcision can be beneficial for men’s health. Medical studies suggest that circumcision can reduce the risk of contracting urinary tract infections and sexually transmitted diseases. How is a circumcision operation performed? Circumcision is a quick and relatively simple procedure whereby the foreskin is removed just behind the head of the penis with the use of a scalpel or surgical scissors. If bleeding occurs it is cauterised (using a heated rod) and the remaining skin stitched together neatly using dissolvable stitches. Are there any after effects? For a few days following a circumcision operation patients may experience some discomfort and there is a good chance there will be swelling around the head of the penis. Patients experiencing pain following the procedure can use common painkilling medication such as paracetamol or ibuprofen. How long will it take to heal following circumcision? It generally takes between a week and 10 days for the penis to heal fully following circumcision. Patients are usually advised to take a week off work in order to recover, making sure that the penis is kept clean and allowed to heal properly. Patients will be advised on individual recovery times, including when they will be able to drive and have sexual intercourse. Is there a risk of infection? Complications after circumcisions carried out for medical reasons are very rare in the UK, and most men don’t experience any significant problems. Find out more If you would like to find out more about the potential benefits of circumcision and how the procedure is performed, please call the friendly team at Birmingham Circumcision today on 0121 250 0386.