The Dangers of Circumcision from an Unlicensed Practitioner

December 16, 2014
Understandably, as with any surgical procedure, there are some risks associated with circumcision, for example, pain, a risk of bleeding and infection, irritation of the glans (head of the penis) and some risk of further injury should patients not follow aftercare instructions. At Birmingham Circumcision Clinic, we provide comprehensive aftercare services to ensure that there are no complications after the procedure. We give round the clock access to a doctor, as well as comprehensive written aftercare information, informing parents and patients of exactly what steps they should follow after circumcision. Providing that patients take care to follow aftercare instructions carefully, any further risks are unlikely. Whilst circumcision is a safe procedure when carried out by a licensed and experienced physician, unlicensed circumcision can lead to many complications, in some cases even resulting in death. Although death from a botched circumcision is extremely rare in the UK, unfortunately non-fatal complications from circumcisions carried out by unlicensed practitioners are much more common. In a report by Manchester Royal Children’s hospital, it was found that around three cases of bleeding circumcisions were treated every month, whilst in 2009, in one Birmingham hospital, 105 boys were treated in A&E for complications related to circumcision, with a small amount of injuries being life threatening. Parents and patients place themselves in considerable danger by choosing an unlicensed practitioner to carry out a circumcision, as there is no proof that they are trained in this operation or that they are following the right procedures, raising a huge risk of pain, infection and future complications. By visiting a licensed circumcision clinic, parents and patients can be sure that either they or their children will be treated by a highly trained physician under anaesthetic, in a sterile environment with strict infection control procedures, complete with the latest electro-surgical equipment that is used in advanced circumcision techniques. Before the procedure, the doctor will explain everything and answer any questions, ensuring that you understand what will happen during the circumcision surgery. Whereas an unlicensed physician may not take proper care of a patient that may be put at risk by being circumcised, trained circumcision practitioners carefully examine all patients to make sure that they are healthy and that circumcision can proceed completely safely. To ensure that patients feel no pain during the procedure, they will be weighed beforehand to make sure that the correct dose of anaesthetic is used. For men of different ages, there are different surgical techniques used to carry out circumcision. The surgical technique that is used is decided by the doctor, and explained to the patient. Untrained circumcision practitioners are far more likely to use an incorrect surgical technique, likely leading to complications. To find out more about the circumcision service offered at Birmingham Circumcision Clinic, take a look at our guide. If you have any queries, call today on 0121 250 0386 to arrange an appointment or speak to one of our team.