The Health Benefits of Circumcision

April 6, 2016
Whilst the circumcision procedure is still most commonly carried out on babies and young children,  there is a steady increase in the number of adult men that were not circumcised as infants, who are now choosing to be circumcised for health reasons. Men’s Health experts have explained that circumcision can have a number of health benefits: Circumcision can help to reduce the risk of STDs Data from US governmental sponsored trials suggest that the circumcision procedure may help to prevent the spread of viral STDs, including Herpes, HIV and HPV (human papillomavirus), which is linked to genital warts and cervical cancer. The theory amongst Men’s Health experts is that the foreskin acts as a reservoir for the secretions that contain STD viruses. Circumcision can lower the risk of Penile Cancer Whilst Penile Cancer is very rare, the disease is virtually non-existent in men that have been circumcised. Scientists suggest that like cervical cancer, Penile Cancer may be instigated by HPV; as circumcision is believed to reduce the risks of HPV, this suggests that the procedure also reduces the chances of a man developing Penile Cancer. Circumcision can help solve some fertility problems Some uncircumcised men suffer from the inability to retract the foreskin; this is known as Phimosis. When the foreskin is too tight, this can cause some problems during sex and with fertility, as well as Balanitis. This is a condition where the head of the penis becomes red, itchy and inflamed –  it is much more common in uncircumcised men and is harder to eradicate as the head of the penis is always covered. Circumcision remedies Phimosis as the foreskin is removed and as a result, Balanitis is far less likely to occur. When these problems are removed, fertility is rarely a problem. At the Birmingham Circumcision Clinic, whatever the reason for adults deciding to be circumcised, our surgeons will make every effort to ensure that the cosmetic outcome of the procedure is of a high standard. Our experienced surgeons will discuss the methods available and choose and the circumcision method based on what is best suited to the individual patient. To learn more about the adult circumcision procedure, you can visit our website. If you have any further questions, you can contact us by emailing or by calling 0121 250 0386.