What to Do Before Adult Circumcision Surgery

September 2, 2016
Whilst most circumcised males undergo the procedure as an infant or child, it’s not uncommon for men to choose to be circumcised as adults. As well as understanding what will be involved in the surgery, along with the associated options, risks and benefits, there are also a number of things that adults will need to do before undergoing the adult circumcision procedure to ensure that they are fully ready and prepared. Preparing for adult circumcision surgery Inform your doctor of all medicines and natural health supplements that you take. Some medicines and products can increase the risk of bleeding during surgery, or interfere with anaesthesia. You may need to stop taking certain medicines a week or so before surgery, for example, if you take blood thinners, your doctor will tell you stop taking these medicines. It’s essential to fully understand what your doctor wants you to do and why. You should avoid eating or drinking at least 6 hours prior to surgery if you will be under general anaesthetic. This doesn’t apply for patients under local anaesthetic. Men are advised to clean and shave the pubic area before surgery for hygiene reasons. It’s also recommended that you bring tight fitting underwear to wear after the circumcision procedure as this helps to keep the surgical gauze in place. Tight underwear should be worn after the procedure until the swelling and soreness reduces. You should arrange for someone to drive you home after the operation. After any kind of anaesthetic, general or local, it’s not advisable to drive on the same day as your reactions are likely to be slower than normal. Avoid alcohol in the 48 hours before your circumcision as alcohol can prevent anaesthetic from being fully effective. Alcohol can also leave you dehydrated. Ensure that you have arranged time off work to allow you to recover from the circumcision procedure. To help you to heal and recover as quickly as possible, rest is important. The discomfort associated with surgery can also be a big distraction at work, so a few days off are always a good idea, especially if your job includes manual work. Your GP can provide a sick note that states you are having minor surgery if you feel embarrassed about telling your employer about your circumcision. If you are a smoker, it’s advisable to stop smoking before your surgery as this can interfere with the healing process. If you have questions about the adult circumcision procedure, you can contact the specialist team at Birmingham Circumcision Clinic today. For help and guidance, call 0121 250 0386.