What to Expect on the Day of Your Circumcision Appointment

April 8, 2020
Circumcision is a simple procedure which many men undergo as children, whilst some men choose to be circumcised as adults. The process involves the surgical removal of the foreskin. When completed by a qualified circumcision practitioner and the right aftercare is provided, this is a safe procedure. At The Modality Circumcision Service, we are a major award winning healthcare provider in the UK. In addition, we are registered with the Care Quality Commission who complete regular reviews of our clinic. This ensures that we are providing our clients with the highest of standards in a safe environment. Thereby keeping all patients in safe hands.  If you are booked in for a circumcision with us, here is what to expect on the day of your appointment. What to Bring to Your Appointment For patients under 16 years of age, parents should bring the child’s red book, birth certificate and photo ID of both parents. Photo ID can be in the form of a passport or driving license.  Both parents will also need to be present to sign the consent form. However, for single parents and other family situations, you can be made exempt from this rule. In addition, you will need to bring the information pack sent to you after booking the circumcision appointment. When You Arrive On arrival to the clinic, please report to the front desk. Once signed in, take a seat and wait for the doctor to call you to the private operating room. Before the circumcision begins, you will have an initial consultation; this is your opportunity to ask any questions and express any concerns you may have, before signing the consent form. The patient will also be examined by the doctor to ensure that he is healthy for a safe circumcision to take place. Using Local Anaesthetic Firstly, a local anaesthetic will be injected around the base of the penis to numb the penis during the procedure. This will take a few minutes to take effect before the doctor tests the foreskin. The circumcision will begin once the doctor is confident that the patient will feel no localised pain. You can expect for this type of anaesthetic to last up to six hours. Comforting Children During the Procedure Parents are encouraged to stay in the operating room throughout their child’s procedure. However, a different family member is allowed in the operating room if you feel more comfortable waiting outside. For young children, toys and electronics to play with or listen to during the procedure are great distractions. This can help to make the appointment a less stressful experience for infants. Aftercare Once the circumcision is complete, you will be guided to the recovery room. Here your doctor will explain to you the aftercare required in greater detail. You will also be provided with a written aftercare guide to take home and refer to. If you have any questions or concerns, please ask and your doctor will advise you. Infection Control Policies At The Modality Circumcision Service, our operating theatres are modern and of a high standard. Being equipped with electro-hydraulic operating beds and overhead theatre lights, we offer a safe environment for circumcision precedures.  Our infection control procedures meet all standards set out by the Care Quality Commission. All our equipment is sterile, and all used materials are appropriately disposed of. Booking Your Circumcision Appointment To book a circumcision appointment, you can easily do so by contacting our team via our online enquiry form. If you have any questions, please leave them in the message box provided.