Circumcision for Toddlers

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If you feel like you’ve missed the window to get your son circumcised, you need not worry. Here at the Birmingham Circumcision Clinic, we are experts in the matter.

We have highly skilled doctors who are able to perform the procedure in the most effective way. Whether your child is still a baby or a toddler, our experienced surgical team are well equipped to treat children of all ages.


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Whether you are opting for your toddler to undergo circumcision for religious or medical reasons, it may be helpful to know that we offer a great after-care service. From advice on how to clean him, to the medication given, our specialists are there for you from beginning to end.


Whilst it may seem like a drastic procedure, circumcision does not actually have any negative health implications. On the contrary, it has a rather long list of health benefits, having been scientifically proven to reduce the risk of sexually transmitted diseases in men. It also protects against penile cancer and reduces risk of cervical cancer in female sex partners. Circumcision can also prevent inflammation of the gland and foreskin.

Why circumcise when your son is a toddler?

There are many reasons why parents prefer their child to be circumcised at a very young age, and although the procedure is usually performed a few days or weeks after birth, some parents may wait until their son is a toddler. In some cases, babies may not have been strong enough for the procedure shortly after birth and so circumcision is instead delayed until they are a little healthier and at a steady weight. Delaying circumcision can also allow new parents to get used to changing nappies and caring for their son.

From a religious perspective, it’s good to circumcise your child at a young age so that he will see this as normal practice as he grows older and will be able to understand the religious significance of circumcision.

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