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Circumcision of babies is a short and simple procedure, however, as with all large or minor surgeries, there will be a period of aftercare for your child, so here we offer some advice on what to expect.


After circumcision is performed a protective lubricant gauze will be applied to the affected area – this will usually fall away after 24 hours. The healing process varies from baby to baby, but a period of between two weeks and a month is usually required for the penis to heal completely.


Bleeding around the cut edges of the penis should stop within hours of the procedure having been performed and will last no longer than a day. During this time it is wise to keep an eye on a baby’s nappy to make sure a significant amount of blood has not been lost. If you have any worries, contact your doctor.


Given the sensitivity of the affected area there is likely to be some protective swelling following a circumcision procedure. Although this inflammation of the area may seem like a blister, is an excellent sign that the body is healing correctly. Making sure that the penis is directed upwards when wearing a nappy is a useful way to help the swelling subside.

Change in colour

Following the procedure parents often discover the affected area to suffer some discolouration, developing either a red or purple hue. This is perfectly normal and may be joined by off-white or yellow patches in the days following the operation. After three or four days the penis may take a green or yellowish colour, but this is an expected symptom of the healing process.

Change in size

The penis may appear to be smaller following circumcision, but this is simply because the skin surrounding the area is looser as a result of the procedure and is nothing to worry about.

Signs of complication

In the unlikely event that complications occur following circumcision a doctor should be contacted immediately. Parents should be cautious to spot signs of continued bleeding, fever, poor feeding, sickness, difficulty urinating and any sign of yellow discharge from the treated area.

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