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Before you can book an appointment online you must read our restraining and refunds policy and answer the pre-booking questions.

Restraining and refund policy

The Modality Circumcision Service operates a very strict restraining policy. For clarity we have explained the policy below. By booking an appointment, you acknowledge that you have read and understood this policy.

The doctor will only restrain the legs of a child during the administration of the local anaesthetic, which involves injecting a needle around the base of the penis.

Where a child shows signs of extreme distress or resistance and the doctor feels it would be harmful to restrain and administer the anaesthetic, the procedure will be cancelled.

Once the anaesthetic has been injected, only children aged two years and under will be restrained during the procedure. However, where children of this age group show signs of distress or resistance and the doctor feels it would be too harmful to continue, the circumcision will not be carried out.

For children above the age of two years, we will not allow any form of restraint, either by the doctor or parents. After the anaesthetic has been administered, if your child refuses to lie still on the operating bed, it will be dangerous to carry out the circumcision and the procedure will be cancelled.

Irrespective of the age of your child, if after the anaesthetic has been injected, the doctor observes signs of extreme distress or resistance, then it would be harmful to continue with the circumcision.

To date we have not had to cancel any procedures in children aged less than 2 years due to restraining issues.

In certain situations where there is a clinical contra-indication (such as a buried penis or other anatomical abnormalities) the procedure will be cancelled.

The Modality Circumcision Clinic is an award winning clinic, that has an excellent reputation and while the majority of procedures go ahead with no problems, in certain cases children do get extremely distressed and the procedure has had to be cancelled.

In all of the above circumstances where the procedure has been cancelled, the booking deposit will be considered a consultation fee and is therefore non-refundable.

All deposits are fully refundable only if we are given a minimum of three working days’ notice.


Before you can book online we need to know the following information: