Preparing for Your Baby Boy’s Circumcision

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Whether or not to have your baby boy circumcised is a big decision for many parents. Many parents may worry about how their baby will react during the procedure and healing process. However, with our team at Modality Circumcision Service in Birmingham, we are here to reassure you.

Pre-Procedure Preparation

Every baby differs with their reaction to the circumcision procedure. Some babies are calm throughout the entire process, while others may cry as soon as they are undressed. An electronic device with something they can watch or listen to as a distraction can be helpful. In addition, some babies will find a bottle of sweet water soothing to fall asleep to naturally.

On booking an appointment, you will be sent an information pack. Please read these documents thoroughly as they contain consent forms and our refund and restraint policies. On the day of the appointment the doctor will go through these forms with you and also examine the baby to ensure he is healthy enough for a circumcision.

During the Procedure

For a baby boy to be circumcised there is no minimum age. However, the World Health Organisation guideline recommends for babies to be over 2.5kg is weight.

For a more comfortable procedure, your baby’s penis will be numbed. This involves injecting a local anaesthetic around the base, so they won’t experience any pain. Therefore, there is no need for the patient to be put under general anaesthetic.

After, the doctor will allow a few minutes to pass before testing the foreskin. The procedure will not begin until the doctor is confident your baby boy cannot feel localised pain. This specific local anaesthetic can last up to six hours.

We understand that baby circumcision can be an anxious experience for many parents. Therefore, parents or another family member can wait inside or outside the operating room during the procedure. Our team will try to accommodate to what you are most comfortable with.

Circumcision Aftercare

Once the circumcision is complete, for older boys, a dressing will be wrapped around their penis while the wound heals.  This will need to be removed after 48 hours. For babies, there is usually no need to apply a bandage, but the doctor will show you how to apply vaseline around the area. For the first few days post-procedure, the penis will be inflamed and sore.

Ask the doctor for what is best recommend for your baby in terms of safe aftercare and pain relief. Finally, if there are any concerns after the procedure then please contact the clinic. In the very unlikely event of any serious concerns, and when you are unable to contact the clinic, you will be advised to take the baby to your nearest hospital.

Booking Your Baby Circumcision

At Modality Circumcision Service, we always put the patient first. We aim to provide a safe and welcoming environment for families and provide an excellent service. To book your baby’s circumcision, call our specialist team on 0121 250 0386.