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Preparing Older Children for Circumcision

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Whilst it is common for children to be circumcised as babies, there are also many reasons that older children (between the ages of 2 and 15) are circumcised. For example, in certain cultures, it is preferred that boys are circumcised when they are older. In some cases, a circumcision may be carried out on older boys for medical reasons, such as phimosis (the tightness of the foreskin preventing it from being pulled back), or recurrent balanitis or urinary tract infections.

If you are the parent of an older child that will be circumcised, please read on to learn more about preparing your child for circumcision surgery.

Preparing your child for circumcision

For older children, it is always important to talk to them about the surgery. Whilst our team at Modality Circumcision Service are highly experienced in taking care of older children and helping them to feel at ease, by talking your child through what will happen during the procedure, you can help them to feel more relaxed on the day of their circumcision.

It’s important to explain to older boys that in during the circumcision surgery, the skin on the head of the penis will be removed. Before the procedure, they will receive a local anaesthetic, which means that the penis will be made numb so that there is no pain during the surgery.

Make sure you understand which circumcision method will be used to carry out your boy’s procedure. This can help you to explain everything to your child and help them feel at ease.

Before your child’s circumcision, it’s important to plan for their recovery time and aftercare. After surgery, it’s likely that your child may need extra care and comfort from you as they recover. In most cases, your child should be able to go back to school or to a daycare centre after just a few days.

Before surgery, make sure to inform the doctor of any medicines that your child takes, including any over the counter medication, as some may increase risks during the surgical procedure. Your doctor will provide instructions on stopping any medication before surgery, and how soon before the surgery to do it.

On the day of your child’s circumcision, make sure to:

  • Follow all instructions from the doctor in terms of when your child should stop eating and drinking.
  • Ensure that your child bathes or showers before traveling to the circumcision clinic.
  • You may want to bring something with you to help comfort your child. For example, a young child may have a comfort blanket or stuffed animal, or an older child may wish to read a book, listen to music, or play on a handheld device.

A day or two before the procedure, the circumcision clinic will contact you to go through procedures and consent over the phone.

For boys between the ages of 2 and 15, it is a legal requirement that they are accompanied by a legal guardian who can provide consent for surgery. The consent form and health questionnaire provided must be completed and signed by both parents, and brought with you on the day of the appointment. Photographic ID for both parents, and ID for the child will also be required.

Remember due to COVID-19 restrictions, it is a legal requirement that parents and guardians wear a face mask

After circumcision for older children

Circumcision surgery will usually take around 1 hour. After surgery, your child will be taken into a recovery room, where the doctor will go through aftercare in detail. You will also have been provided with written aftercare information after making the circumcision booking – aftercare may differ from patient to patient, depending on their age and the circumcision technique used.

Booking circumcision for older children

For more information on circumcision for older boys, you can click here.To book your child’s circumcision, you may call the Modality Circumcision Service on 0121 250 0386, or fill in your information here.