The Circumcision Process – Before, During and After

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There is no doubt that surgery can be a frightening and worrying experience for anyone, adults and children included. When it comes to circumcision in boys, knowing what to expect can go some way in alleviating any anxiety and may prepare them for what is to come.

At The Birmingham Circumcision Clinic, we like our patients and their families to be in the know, which is why we have  come up with a brief ‘before, during and after’.

Before Surgery:

Prior to surgery, the doctor will  explain the procedure along with its risks. You will need to tell the doctor about any medical conditions or  medicines your child is taking just in case they have any side effects that may impact the circumcision surgery. For example, if your child is taking the blood thinner warfarin, it is important for the doctors to know as it can increase the risk of bleeding.

It can be  challenging for parents to alleviate a child’s anxiety about surgery, Explaining the process along with the reason for circumcision at a level of your child’s understanding, may help calm his nerves. When talking to your child try to avoid words such as ‘cut’ or ‘sew’.

We encourage parents to plan the circumcision during the school holidays, however if the procedure is during term time you will need to inform the school of his surgery, allowing a few days off for the recovery period

Surgery Day:

You should ensure you have read all the documents we have sent you. Your child can eat and drink as normal.

If closer to or on the day of surgery, your child becomes unwell you should contact the clinic to seek further advice about whether to reschedule or attend the appointment.

Packing something that your child finds comforting is key in making them feel more relaxed. Whether it’s a stuffed toy or his favourite DVD, remember to take something that reminds him of home.

Both parents or guardian must attend  with the child to sign the  relevant consent forms before the operation takes place. After surgery, you and your son will be taken to the recovery room, the doctor will check your child and all being well you will be discharged. Your whole booking including discharge is approximately 1 hour long.

For more information on the circumcision process, please see here. If you have any further questions you can call us on: 0121 250 0386, or email: