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The Questions You Should Ask Your Circumcision Doctor

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When you’re looking for a circumcision doctor, either for yourself or a loved one, one of the best ways to get prepared is to write a list of questions to ask. However, knowing what to ask the circumcision clinic can sometimes be tricky, particularly if you’re unfamiliar with the finer details of circumcision.

To make it easier on your hunt for the ideal circumcision clinic, we’ve put together a list of questions to ask in your initial enquiries.

What you need to know about your Circumcision Doctor

1. How long has your circumcision clinic been operating?
There are numerous circumcision clinics around the country, but finding one with the experience you need can vary. When you speak to a potential practitioner, find out how long they have been operating, and how many procedures they usually perform in a year. Finding a doctor with experience is key in order to minimise complications.

2. How long have you specialised in circumcision?

If you can speak to the circumcision doctor directly, ask them how long they have been trained for, and how long they have specialised in the procedure. Finding a circumcision doctor who has plenty of experience is absolutely essential to ensure the procedure goes to plan.

3. What circumcision techniques will you use?

There are various different circumcision techniques, and some practitioners have particular preferences. 

For babies and infants, the most common circumcision technique is the Plastibell device. This is when the circumcision doctor separates the foreskin from the penis head with a probe, and an appropriately sized ring is inserted underneath the foreskin. The foreskin is then stretched over the plastic ring, and is secured with sterile string to restrict blood flow. The plastic ring stays on the penis until the foreskin falls off, which is usually around seven days.

The Plastibell method has a number of advantages, including different sized bells to provide a customised fit and great cosmetic results.

The three common surgical techniques used for circumcising older children and adult men are the forceps guided circumcision, sleeve resection circumcision and the dorsal slit circumcision.

The sleeve resection delivers better cosmetic results that the forceps guided or dorsal slit methods and requires a high level of surgical skill (so it’s important that you have asked the previous 2 questions). 

Skilled and experienced surgeons are able to carry out all formal methods of circumcision and adjust the method used to suit each patient.

4. What’s the first step in booking a circumcision procedure?

By contacting a specialist circumcision clinic, you have taken the first step in booking a procedure. When you have spoken to the circumcision doctor and asked your questions, they’ll inform you of the next steps. You will most likely be invited in for a more formal consultation to work out what the best treatment options for you or your child are.

Contact Modality Circumcision Clinic

Here at Modality Circumcision Clinic, we have years of experience in the procedure and can answer any questions you may have. If you’re looking for a circumcision clinic with the experience, empathy and knowledge to perform your procedure effectively, please contact us on: 0121 250 0386.